The professionals working at R&I s.r.l. are research experts and senior staff with consolidated experience in economic research, applied to industrial districts and systems of small and medium firms. Their experience stems from long cooperation with economist Prof. Sebastiano Brusco, among the founding members of the Faculty of Economics, University of Modena, who died in 2002. The library of the faculty is named for him.
The teaching derived from Prof. Brusco regards the “mode” in which the research is performed, the construction of the data by means of direct collection, experimenting new sampling techniques and new investigation tools in order to obtain reliable estimates referring to individual districts and local productive systems. As for example the district and sector Observatories operating in multiple sectors and territories, at local and national levels.
The scientific rigour and aim to create analytical tools for use by the actors of a specific territory to design policies targeted on local requirements figure as the particular aspects of Prof. Sebastiano Brusco’s teaching, to which we owe our current competencies.