The observatories are of special interest for R&I s.r.l.
Their aim is to monitor the structural changes in a specific local productive system (industrial district or sector) by means of periodic surveys on statistically significant samples of firms in order to collect data not available in the official statistical sources.
The data collected concern e.g.:

  • the role of firms in the filière (final firms, subcontractors, etc.);
  • product specialization;
  • market positioning;
  • types of clients and outlet markets;
  • internalization/externalization of production and services;
  • delocalization and sourcing areas;
  • levels of automation, innovation, digitalization;
  • activities of R&S;
  • networks of collaboration (with other firms, universities, research centres, etc.);
  • strategies followed by the firms;
  • etc.

The Observatories measure, over time, the structural changes ongoing in the firms and provide statistically reliable quantitative data on the development of the phenomena analyzed.
The purpose of the Observatories is to supply useful information to the actors of a specific territory in order to identify intervention policies targeted on the requirements of the local productive system.