Industrial districts and sectors

The analyses and studies on industrial districts and sectors respond to the need for knowledge of the structural characteristics and changes in the productive systems. They provide an in-depth reading of the ongoing changes in the productive specializations, the division of labour among firms, the inter-firm relations, the relations between system of firms and system of research, with reference to industrial districts or sectors localized in specific territories.
Analysis of the structural changes in a local productive system, determined by the strategies of response by the firms to the globalization of the outlet markets and of sourcing, to product and process innovation, and to increasing levels of competition — all this is fundamental to identify appropriate policies for firms’ innovation and competitivity.
Qualitative and quantitative research methods are employed, involving surveys on statistically representative samples of firms, as is the case with the district and sector Observatories, or survey on qualitative samples referring to firms of a district or sector.